HCM Apartment for rent in Ben Thanh tower,ditrict , HCMC

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    Welcome to our apartment for rent in District 3 HCMC. It is located in District 3 and just 10 minutes from the center of the city. It is suitable for a family that want to discover Ho Chi Minh City’s attractions with everything you may need during your stay weather for a week or a month or even longer.

    This warmingapartment for rent in District 3 HCMC has a usable area of 140 square meters with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area and a living room. To satisfy the requirements of modern life, this apartment for rent is equipped by high class facilities. The interior of each apartment are carefully polished and adjusted suitable with the needs of comfortable living.


    First of all, you will come to the welcoming living area with spacious space where you can put a modern sofa, a cable television and dining table. The room enjoys plenty of natural light coming from its high window. Kitchen is separate from the other make you feeling comfortable when cooking without worrying about the smell of food. This apartment for rent offers 3 trendy bedrooms offer wooden floor and large balcony with abundant natural light to ensure your room will be brighten all day. This apartment complete with a modern bathroom with hot water, washbasin and shower in bath

    With an ideal location, at a center of the city, you not only have chances to enjoy fresh air, but also easy access to luxurious shopping center and high-quality services at the center. Moreover, it is equipped with security system and lobby reception will bring you 24/24 peace of mind.

    10 minutes to Ben Thanh market
    5 minutes to Co.op Mart supermarket
    5 minutes to Le Van Tam Park.
    Near school, hospital, shopping center, Convenient store 24/24


    • Rental is USD 1,500/month (equivalent to VND 31,500,000/month).

    See more: http://apartmentlease.com.vn/apartment-for-rent.html

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