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    Marketing campaign planning success factors ˜If you build it, they will come’. This famous line proved true in the 1989 film Field of Dreams, but unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to gaining sales whether they’re via you desktop site, mobile site, social media presence or offline channels. If you want to maximize reach of online campaigns and to acquire new customers online you have to work hard to master the full range of RELEVANT online and offline marketing communications tools or digital media channels. To review the approaches relevant to you we recommend you review the 6 tools summarised in the diagram from Dave Chaffey’s and Fiona Ellis Chadwick’s Digital Marketing:Strategy Development and Practice Book which are available in our advice on how to build your reach online. The starting point in improving your traffic for existing companies is reviewing your current mix of traffic using the standard last-click approach. If you’re investing a large amount in media and have a complex product involving multiple touchpoints and visits to your site then media attribution will be important. 48754

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